Time Management Is For Losers! Why?

Time Management Is For Losers


Everyone wants to manage time but no one is thinking that since their childhood, they have been taught the wrong thing. We have been raised in a society where time management skills are appreciated and if you search Time Management on Google, it will show you 1.7 Billion search results. No doubt that every aspect of time management has been covered by experts but what if I tell you that managing time can never be possible for you.

Why Time Management Never Works?

Take your time and think about the last time you managed your time. Were you managing the time or doing your work? Were you managing the time or putting efforts to achieve your goals? Really confusing, right? Here’s the answer –

Time Management Trap Pinterest

Let me narrate you the story where I learned how time management is a trap and how I can actually have my shit done within deadlines.

Enjoy This Story…

Few months back, I was sitting in a small cabin with a professor from Marketing field. It was a one on one session where he asked about my life. And my first reaction was, “I’m running out of time! I’ve a lot of work to do and I am very bad with time management.”

He gave me a big laugh in reply. I’ve told you my problem and all you can give me is a “laugh’? I thought. He caught his breath and said, “Who told you to manage the time?”

“Everyone…wait…No one but that’s what everyone is doing.” I replied. He crossed his legs and explained, “Rajan, Time Management is nothing. We are being taught about managing time from ages. People are trying to manage time but how can you manage something when you cannot control it.”

That was a solid point in the conversation but it made the scenario perplexed. If time is not the thing to manage then what to manage?

“Priorities!” he replied as if he was reading my mind. He smiled, “Priorities are what we can manage. We have tasks to do no matter if they are daily, monthly or yearly. Managing our priority list within times makes us achiever. Everyone is chanting about time management and they feel running out of time. Changing your focus from time to your goals would give better results. Even if you are doing nothing for your task but still you are thinking about it rather than thinking about the hands of clock.”

So From Now…

Start looking for your tasks rather than crying about no-enough-time-in-life thing. Explore the ways to prioritize your stuff like starting a blog or setting a saving plan and get it done within deadline. If you like this post then feel free to share this with your friends. Keep following BossMakesMoney for awesome content and become your own Boss!

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