7 Pinterest Strategies to Grow 10X Traffic! (Bonus)

Best Pinterest Strategies To Grow 10X Traffic!


Hi Fella! Isn’t it hard to see your blog starving for the readers? I mean, you’ve dedicated your time and skills to write beautiful blog posts on your blog to find that no one is reading it. But, what if I tell you some Secret Pinterest Strategies which can bring millions of page-views and money?

It’s true. Pinterest is the best social media platform to get massive traffic on your blogging website. And if you apply these Pinterest Strategies correctly then you can see the reader engagement getting higher. I’ll share the exact Pinterest Strategies that I use to drive blog traffic on new sites. It’s super easy!

Pinterest reach with best Pinterest Strategies
12,000 impressions with only 3 pins. This is what I’m getting right now!

But first, let’s clear what Pinterest exactly is and how you can take full advantage of these Pinterest Strategies. If you are familiar with Pinterest then you can skip the first part. It’s absolutely fine!

What is Pinterest?

Learn Pinterest Strategies

Pinterest is a social media platform where you can save ‘Pins’ of your ‘Interest’. These pins are usually pictures with a link (link to a blog post/page) attached to it. It allows you to create Pinterest Boards (Just like usual cork boards) and you can save Pins (Pictures from a Blog Post) in particular Pinterest Boards.

The simplicity is… you can click on the image and it will take you to the attached Blog Post or Landing Page. Get it?

In simple terms, it’s a goldmine for Bloggers.

Why Pinterest Is Important?

Learn why pinterest strategies are improtant for you.

Pinterest is a ‘Must-Have’ stuff in your blogging career. It gives you FREE Traffic no matter how small your following is.

Although, Organic Traffic should be the first priority for a Blogger. But if we look at the reality then a highly researched SEO Strategy takes 3 Months to rank your post for the targeted keyword.

And those (ranking websites) are, at least, 2 years old. That’s why you need Pinterest to start getting traffic on you new blog.

And the best part is…

Pinterest is totally free!!! In the below info-graphic, you can see why Pinterest should be your priority as a blogger and how these Pinterest Strategies can grow your blog from day one.

Why Pinterest Strategies are important for your business!

Got it? Good! It’s time for me to share my secret Pinterest strategies…

Secret Pinterest Strategies To Get Traffic:

I have applied these Pinterest Strategies and I am highly satisfied with what I’ve got from them.

In love with Pinterest Strategies?

The best part?

These Pinterest Strategies are totally universal. It means that no matter what type of niche you are working on, these tips will always work.

And the first strategy is…

Be ‘Keyword’ Specific on Pinterest!

Just like Google, Pinterest is also a Search Engine. People search for the solutions on Pinterest. So, it’s great if you can rank your pins for the search results.

Target Keywords in Pinterest with these Pinterest Strategies

This is why, you need to create content for Pinterest on ‘Target Keywords’. Here are some tips to have keyword specific content:

  • Add your Core Keywords in the Name of your Pinterest Profile.
  • Make ‘Keyword’ specific Pinterest Boards.
  • Add Keywords to Headings and Descriptions of your Pins.
  • Focus on the keywords of your niche rather than aiming in dark.

And the next strategy which works like magic is…

Create Pins for ‘Pinterest Lens’ to Grow!

Pinterest is way smarter than you think. It introduced Lens in 2017; an artificial intelligence to read the images and matches it with similar content.

Make Pinterest Friendly Pins with Pinterest Strategies

Which indicates…

Pinterest can read the text overlay on your pin. It can see the image used in the pin. And with these standards, it gives a specific ranking to your pins.

As a solution, you can focus on two things while creating your pins:

  • Use ‘Keyword Specific’ and ‘Easy to Read’ text overlays on your pin.
  • Use ‘Relevant’ images in your pins rather that going too creative with colorful cookies.

For RED Groups, Seek BLUE Groups!

All the time, people suggest you to join Pinterest Group Boards to get your pins viral. But no one suggests you how?

Facebook Groups About Pinterest Boards with Pinterest Strategies

So, this is one of the coolest Pinterest Strategies that I use to join Pinterest Group Boards fast.

Simply go on Facebook and search for the term ‘Pinterest’ and filter your search results with Groups only. These are Blue Groups.

Join them and…

You will find many Group Board joining opportunities. Some have direct appeals and some have Pinterest Group Board lists in threads.

Hence, for Pinterest Groups you can seek in Facebook Groups. Become friends with other Pinners and collaborate together.

They also have ‘Pin for Pin’ posts to get more impressions on Pinterest.

Follow 1:5 Rule For Pinterest Pins!

This is a simple rule to get a lot of traffic on your Blog Posts from Pinterest. The 1:5 rule says that you’ve to make 5 pins for each blog posts.

Make 5 pins for each blog post with Pinterest Strategies

Out of these 5 pins, you can add 2 pins inside your post. The best 2 Pins (Which readers can re-pin easily).

And rest of 3 pins will be pinned by you directly on your profile with link of blog post.

This way, you will have 5 pins driving traffic to your single Blog Post.

Just don’t limit it to 1 pin only!

Pin ‘Eye-Catching’ Pins with Snappa

I’m fan of Snappa! Big Fan. Just like everybody, I started using Canva to make my pins.

snappa to create beautiful images to get better at Pinterest Strategies

But, to be honest, Canva is too old (and limited). The icons which you can download free from Internet are paid on Canva. Heck No!

Why would you spend money for free things? This is why I shifted to Snappa. It’s a free service which lets me create Beautiful Pins and High Quality Infographics for my Blog Posts. Just like below one…

Beautiful Pinterest made by snappa with best Pinterest Strategies

So, forget Canva and move to Snappa. It’s free and you can upgrade your plans if you need in future. Simple!

Become ‘Fix It Pinner’ on Pinterest!

It’s universal law and the same applies on Pinterest. It’s a Search Engine and people come here with their problems.

Solve problems with Pinterest Strategies

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If your Pin can solve their problem then they will save your pin. When they save your pin, it goes to the Feed of their followers.

And that’s how your Pins travel from followers to followers. In my recent study, the ‘How-To’ and ‘List-Based’ pins perform better than rest of the stuff.

Find a problem, solve it and get readers!

Track your Pinterest Strategies via Analytics!

When you operate a Business Account on Pinterest then it gives you an extra feature – Pinterest Analytics!

Track your pins to create better pins. One of the best Pinterest Strategies

It’s gives you the statistics of your profile, which pins are going viral and how many impressions a single pin is giving.

All you’ve to do is…

Track your Pinterest Analytics Report and note down which type of content is doing better. Once you have the highest performing pins, create more similar content (Blog Posts and Pins) and start publishing them too!

That’s how you grow on Pinterest.

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And the book is…

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These were some of the Best Pinterest Strategies that I personally use to get traffic on my blog. The above guide is, for sure, most beneficial investment in your Blogging Career.

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I hope this post has helped you in some way or other. You can read further by browsing the categories in menu or you can simply follow me on Facebook and Pinterest to get latest content on earning online income and running a successful blog.

Infographics on Pinterest Strategies

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I’ll be back with best blog posts for you. Stay happy and busy in making money online. Feel free to clear your doubts in comments and you can also share your Pinterest Strategies. Happy Money Making!

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