7 Blogging Mistakes To Kill Right Now! (+BONUS)

Common Blogging Mistakes For Beginners!


You know, what? These blogging mistakes can kill your blog overnight! Play in the safe zone.

You are in the middle of growing your brand new blog. I totally get it.

But have you ever think about the silly blogging mistakes that you are making daily? These mistakes can ruin your blogging career. Not only blogging career, it can harm your lifetime credibility as a blogger.

Blogging Mistakes Are Common! Here are seven blogging mistakes which are killing your blog. Get rid of these blogging mistakes to grow and earn siz figure income!

It’s time to get rid of these common blogging mistakes in order to build a professional blogging website.

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Let’s get back to the work and here we go…

07. Writing Unplanned Blogs!

Blogging Mistake of Writing Uplanned Blog Posts

This is one of the most common blogging mistakes that newbie bloggers make (even professional ones too).

They write blogs on few topics from there, few topics from here and end up being unnoticed on Internet. This is not how a blog grows.

The number one secret of a successful blog is the way it engage its visitors. Your aim is to hold the visitor and convert him into your subscriber.

This is why everyone on Internet is shouting about selecting a niche in the beginning.

Boss Makes Money‘ gives you best posts on making money online. Suppose, if I would start writing recipe tutorials or blog posts on baby food under this domain. How would it look?

I think you got the point. Also, try to write ‘Aim Targeted Content’ on your blogging website.

Aim Targeted Content means your each content is giving a contribution to the main aim of your website. It could be selling your online course or making affiliate income. It could be collecting emails or diverting traffic to your YouTube channel.

Blogging Mistake of not writing targeted content

For example, You are aiming for earning with affiliate marketing of a web hosting provider. In this case, you can make an individual post where you are praising the hosting provider and giving your affiliate link at the bottom. Then you can write aim targeted content, like:

  • Top 10 Web Hosting Providers
  • Why hosting matters?
  • How I Actually Started Blogging?

You can divert your traffic on the blog where you have given affiliate link and BOOM! You Got A Sale!

06. Ignoring Blog SEO Guidelines!

Blogging Mistake of not using Blog SEO

SEO is god, at least for bloggers.

If you are not writing SEO friendly blogs then you should better leave the Internet or I say, better leave the earth. Just go on Mars and grow potatoes there! Just Go!

Writing SEO friendly post helps you to rank better in the Google’s Search Results. It gives you organic traffic on  daily basis.

It also helps you to increase your Domain Authority. Check your Domain Authority here!

Good News? Learning and applying SEO on your content is really easy. I learned SEO from diefferent sites like Backlinko and Neil Patel.

I also recommend you to experiment SEO Tricks on your site. And On-Page SEO is not the only part. You also need to learn Off-Page SEO for your website.

Tip: SEO is a LONG and DAILY process. The results will be there, just put efforts for now!

The SEO consists following practices:

  • Getting high quality Do-Follow Backlinks.
  • Writing 1500+ words post.
  • Choosing Keyword specific blog post URL.
  • Using proper Meta Keywords and Descriptions.
  • Targeting Long Tail Keywords.

Just start your blog and learn the way you blog. You just need to focus on 20% writing and 40% technicality. Rest of the 40% is promoting your content.

And this is where bloggers make a huge mistake…

05. Leaving Targeted Audience!

Blogging Mistakes of leaving Targeted Audience

You are here because you have started your blog or you are having problem growing your blog. How would I know?

I’ve Superpowers!

Just kidding, I researched about my targeted audience and I’m promoting my content specifically for the people who want to learn blogging.

You’ve to find the place where your targeted audience spend most of its time.

If you have an entertainment blog, better promote it on Facebook. People love scrolling this kind of feed there.

If you have a travel blog, better promote it on instagram. That’s where adventurers live!

Ah! No matter what you have… Pinterest will always be there to drive massive traffic on your blogging website.

Here’s how to find your targeted audience:

  • Select your blogging niche.
  • Talk to the consumers in your niche, they could be your friends, family members, any stranger. You can also take surveys!
  • Spend your time on the platforms where your consumer lives. Interact with them. Try to find there problems.
  • Prepare a strategy and start promoting the right way.

Sometimes, it only takes one day to viral your blog. Apply Blogging tips for beginners and grow your beginner blog to brand.

04. Ignoring User Intent For SEO!

Blogging Mistakes of Ignoring User Intent for SEO

Okay… This is something new. In this recent post on Backlinko, I found that high User Intent makes your blog credible and helps you to rank higher in SERP.

This is the most simple and stupid explanation to User Intent:

User Intent = Level of Satisfaction Your Reader Gets After Reading Your Post

Let’s make it simpler than ever…

Think from the perspective of an average reader. What does he want?

Write your blog posts to satisfy the reader looking for it.

Do You Know: User Intent contradicts SEO Guidelines. How?

User Intent means targeting and satisfying the ‘Intentions’ of an Internet User. Let’s assume that a reader wants to see a particular mathematical formula.

The formula will take a maximum of 2 lines, right? But SEO requires 1500+ words posts!

How will you still maintain User Intent without compromising SEO tips for blog?

The answer is…

Write a focused summary in the beginning. Easy!

Blogging Mistakes of Ignoring User Intent

Which means, write that particular mathematical formula in 2nd paragraph of your content. This way, User Intent will be maintained. Then arouse curiosity of your reader with a connecting segment (It could be a weird fact or interesting history around the formula).

This blogging trick can help you to get better credibility + SEO Rankings + Genuine Readers!

03. Using Static Blogging Website!

Blogging Mistakes of Using Static Theme

Using static webpages is not tolerated by Google and it leads to downfall in SERP Rankings.

SOLUTION: Use Responsive Website Themes!

Blogging for beginners seems complex and web designing makes it harder.

Don’t worry… It’s 2018 and technology is improving. There are many Free + Premium Responsive Themes which can be installed easily.

No matter if you use blogger or wordpress, these themes will always be there!

My Favourite Responsive WordPress Theme:

WpAstra WordPress Theme

Astra (I use this, highly satisfied!)

Why? Because this is the only theme which lets you hide the footer credits in FREE version. Get Astra Now!

Don’t waste another second and get your website a responsive theme. It will boost your Blog SEO and It will also help you getting more readers.

02. Holding Your Blog Potentials!

Blogging Mistakes of ignoring Social Presence

I don’t think that this mistake needs any particular introduction. If you are holding the full potentials of your blogging website then it will make it harder to grow your blog.

Must have structure elements:

  • Add Social Media Sharing Buttons.
  • Add Opt-In Email Forms.
  • Add Customized Feature Image.
  • Link Your Social Accounts.
  • Properly Link Affiliate URLs.
  • In-Content Relevant Banners/Ads.
  • Author Profile Widget.
  • Personalised Side Bar Widgets.
  • Category Widget.

Tip: why not installing a feedback form to get user’s experience on your website.

01. Leaving Consistency Of Writing!

Blogging Mistakes of not writing SEO friendlyNo one is ordering you to keep consistent content on your blogging site. But you have to follow the discipline of writing, at least, a post per week.

New and Consistent content makes your website fresh and it helps Google crawlers to identify an active blog.

Your sole purpose as a blogger should be providing quality content to your readers. The only hack to success as a blogger is generating evergreen content on your blog.

This is one of the most common blogging mistakes done by bloggers.

They easily get away from blogging in the beginning because they look for money in it. No doubts, money will come but for that, you really need a solid money generating base.

Wrap Up + Pro Tip!

Above seven blogging mistakes are most common ones! Make sure that you are not doing these blogging mistakes.

7 Blogging Mistakes that you are making right now! Avoid these blogging mistakes as a beginner blogger and grow your blog to make online income. Don't do these blogging mistakes and become a successful blogger. Covering these blogging mistakes can make you a successful blogger!

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