How I Earned My First $25 On Amazon Kindle?

Earn From Amazon Kindle By Writing Kindle Books: Boss Makes Money


In 2016, I started reading ways of writing eBooks. After four months, I earned my first $25 from an experimental eBook on amazon kindle which I wrote in 6 hours. Pretty amazing, right?

Earn Money On Amazon Kindle By Publishing Kindle Books. Exact steps that I followed to earn money on Amazon Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing.

If you are struggling with the legit ways of making money online then congratulations! You will definitely succeed, trust me.

The only problem is, Internet is contaminated with excessive amount of knowledge.

Don’t worry…

I’ll tell you the exact steps that I used to earn my first $25 from Amazon kindle by self publishing a nonfiction eBook. Here’s the screenshot of my book:

Amazon Kindle Money Making Book

Oh! Did I mention that you can take my personal advice by asking questions in my Facebook Group? I’ll always help you there!

Let’s get back to the process and the first thing I learned while researching for making money from Amazon kindle was ‘Author Skill-Set’.

What Is ‘Author Skill-Set’?

These are the must have skills for any author. I learned that if you want to succeed as a Self Publish Author then you’ve to be a little versatile.

In my journey of publishing my experimental eBook on Amazon kindle, I went through following skills:

Creative Writing Skills

Creative Writing Guide By Boss Makes Money

These are the basic skills of any writer/author. If you don’t know how to write creatively then you must think of your career as a writer.

I purchased this book and it helped me out with the writing styles.

I still use this book to practice the art of crafting with words. It’s best, I think!

Visual Art Skills

People judge a book by its cover, bitter truth!

Even I judge (I’m a Graphic Designer, of course I will).

In my research on Amazon Kindle, I found that the competition is high. And people are struggling for ranking their niche eBooks.

I also observed that books with good covers have better sales than books with average looking covers.

So, you should have a clear concept of how your book should look.

If you can design yourself, it’s brilliant! And if you cannot, then I can hire me. Simply contact me through my Facebook group and we can proceed further.

Tip: Don’t use free services like Canva for making book covers for Amazon Kindle. Readers are way smarter now!

Read Your Niche

Again and again… this skill will stay for life time. Your mind needs food to grow.

What I want from you is, simply, read books in your targeted niche.

If you want to write short fiction, read short fiction. If you want to write a kindle eBook on beauty, ready books on beauty.

Just follow the path and give it your touch. Read, Eat, Repeat!

Write Daily

Earn Money From Amazon Kindle

It is a skill that you develop as you grow. Thus, you have to master this art of arranging words on a paper.

There’s no particular word count. Even If you are writing one word a day, you are rocking as a writer.

I remember how I struggled making writing goals and ending up with a blank paper. Then I stopped making writing plans.

And… I saw the results. It works this way for me.

Get a writing plan for better results or track the way you write. It’s up to you.

Steps I Followed To Publish My E-Book

I know… I know… you are looking for the steps that made me earn my first $25 on Amazon Kindle.

How to publish a book on amazon kindle and earn money from it.

So, these are exact efforts that I made to get my hands on some cash. Your results will depend upon the basis of your strategies.

Step 1: List Down What You Can Write

I made a list of 10 fields where I can give my contribution. My list items were:

  • Photography
  • Graphic Designing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Writing
  • Self Help

Once you’ve this list the next step is…

Step 2: Choose One Profitable Niche

This step is crucial. You’ve to think from the perspective of an average buyer.

What are people looking for?

Can you fulfill their desires?

What will urge them to buy your book?

If you can fill above three questions with your eBook then you are good to go.

In my case, I found that people, doing video production, will prefer video tutorials rather than reading a book. Which meant that I was left with only 2 topics: Self Help & Writing


I’m not a philosopher, yet! And there are many writers particularly writing for this niche. It is saturated with great thinkers like Robin Sharma, Mark Manson… this is a never-ending list, better leave it here!

Hence, I was going to write a book on WRITING. And it’s time for next step…

Step 3: Write The Best Possible Book

Write with your experiences. Think of what you can tell to the world. Write the best possible book!

I started making outlines for my book. Outlines keep you on track. It saves you from putting unnecessary efforts.

Write crisp and don’t leave a any corner for doubt. Your aim is to write a 10K words eBook.

You can write 1000 words a day and you will have your eBook ready in 10 days or less!

Tip: I wrote my book in 6 hours with help of this!

Step 4: Proper Format Is What You Need

Amazon prefers a properly formatted eBook. That’s it!

To be honest, formatting your eBook is easiest part of the procedure. You just need a proper usage of headings, subheadings, paragraphs, etc. and then you can use Amazon’s Kindle Creator to convert your word file (.docx) into Kindle Project.

Step 5: Cover, Better Cover!

As I’ve mentioned before, you need an amazing cover for amazing performance.

There are hundreds of eBooks on Amazon Kindle Store. You will have only 3 seconds to grab reader’s attention.

Fiverr Kindle Book Service For Amazon KDP

You can buy a book cover gig on Fiverr for just $5. Or… You can also hire me!

Step 6: Launch Your Book

I was done with outlining, writing, editing and making a good looking cover for my kindle eBook.

Launch Time!

I published my book with a KDP Account and made it live (Available for purchase).

That’s it! Amazon will take care of all the technical work like hosting your eBook and regulation of billing process.

Finally, it was time for…

Step 7: Promotion & Marketing

This is where many writers fail. No matter how beautifully you write a book, if the person sitting next to is unaware about it then you really need to put your efforts into dustbin next time.

If you have ever been on my home page, I’ve clearly mentioned, “It’s not in the product you sell, it’s in the way you sell.”

Here’s exactly how I marketed my kindle eBook:

  • Sharing in relevant Facebook Groups.
  • Using KDP Select Program and let people download it for free! Amazon ranks a book by the number of downloads you book get.
  • Asking the genuine buyer to leave a feedback in the last chapter of the book. Feedback also affects the ranking of a book.
  • Promoting in Social Media Accounts; Facebook and Instagram.

And with these efforts, I got somewhere 2000 downloads and 800 KDP reads.

And then…

Step 8: Watch The Money Coming

Amazon Kindle Income Demographics

After 5 days of free promotion, 10 people bought it.

Then 3 people, then 2…

I still see someone buying my experimental eBook. Last bought by a person on 10 November 2018.

REMEMBER: I stopped promoting it. It was just a launching-experiment!

Wrap Up + Secret Tip!

This is how I earned my first $25 on Amazon Kindle. It was an experiment which went great.

Amazon Kindle Earning Reports

I hope that you have got an idea of this simple process of making money from Amazon Kindle.

Secret Tip?

Don’t stop after 1st book, even if it fails badly! Write at least 5 books and interconnect them. Urge your reader to buy your other books.

Try to beat the rankings and this will be the most easiest way of generating passive income online.

Feel free to share this post with your friends and join my Facebook Group to get my help. You can also follow Boss Makes Money on Facebook & Pinterest for such amazing content. Till then… Happy Money Making!

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