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Creative Writing is the process of writing with a unique perspective of mind. The process of creative writing includes expression of feelings and building an emotional connection with the reader.

The use of creative writing is not only limited to fiction writing (Novels, Short Stories, Poetry) as many nonfiction writers use this technique to write jaw dropping content (Blogs, Features, Articles) for their readers.

Creative Writing Definition

Creative Writing focuses on giving vibes of entertainment while educating someone rather than passing information to the reader. It flows from the heart of content writer to the heart of keen reader.

There are 2 types of creative writing and I call them…

Fluid & Forced Creative Writing

Fluid Creative Writing

Fluid, just like water, flows naturally and creates an impact on reader. It starts from the first word of paragraph and takes you into the world of writer. It activates your senses, no matter if you are reading fiction or nonfiction it makes you say ‘Woah!’.


Forced Creative Writing

Forced words are unnecessary metaphors used to build an impact. It’s a bad, or say ineffective writing style with heavy words from the middle section of Oxford Dictionary; totally crap!

So, the question is…

What Makes You Better Writer?

Writing better is not limited to the writing style or usage of proper words but the ability to write from the experiences.

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Our experiences help us to grow as a better intellect and that’s what reflects in our writing. To write extraordinary, you need to feel extraordinary about the topic. Even if you are writing for nonfiction field, the flow must be there.

5 Tips For Writing Creatively

Writing with creativity involves a long process of self criticism. Your goal for creative writing is to make a content which can drive your readers crazy. Here are the top 5 tips that I follow for writing my content:

5. Outline Your Stuff

Outline Your Creative Content Writing

Giving a structure to your content is the first and most crucial stage. Many writers think that ‘Outlines’ create a cage around creative ideas.

It’s not like that…

Having a proper structure gives you better control over your content. If you are writing for making an impact then it must be researched and outlined well.

Take my story as an example. Few years back, I used to sit and write the way it came. It was a fabulous feeling of watching the word counts touching the sky.


I had to spend a lot of time in organizing the sentences, cutting down unwanted parts, making connection between paragraphs and giving a tone to the content. A lot of time!

Then I found Take Off Your Pants by Libbie Hawker and BOOM!

I wrote a nonfiction kindle book in just 6 hours!

This is what outlines can do to you! So… start making outlines before you actually work on the content.

4. Analyze Your Readers

Readers Of Creative Writing

In writing, neglecting them is a crime! Being a fruitful writer, it’s your duty to serve your readers.

Think from the perspective of an avid reader. Your reader wants to gain something useful in the most easiest way possible. You cannot bombard your reader with irrelevant content. By irrelevant content, I mean:

  • Unwanted synonyms, metaphors, sentences or words.
  • Inappropriate writing style; hardcore academic sentences for common reader or witty style article for serious reader.
  • Inappropriate tone of content; sensual tone for children or sad tone in comedy.
  • Difficult Content structure (Again, I would recommend the above book for making useful structures).

3. Introduction At The End

Introduction of creative writing

Another small but useful tip is to write the ‘Introduction’ part at the end of your writing procedure.

You must hook your readers from the very first paragraph. Writing the ‘Introduction’ part at last stage gives you a better perspective.

Giving a better overview in introduction increases the credibility of your content. The motto is not to find one passionate reader out of ten avid readers. It’s to convert ten avid readers into ten passionate readers.

2. Practice The Art Of Crafting

Practise Creative Writing

The heading said it all. Creative Writing is a full-fledged competitive field.

You can build a habit of writing 500 words daily. I write too! And so does many writers…

Writing 500 words a day keeps your brain active with the language. The craft of writing is not a gambling game. Every word you write gives a contribution to your inner writer.

So, you know what you need to do…

Make writing a morning ritual. Wake up early and write for 40 minutes. That’s enough time to write 500-700 words.

1. Know Your Writing Tools

Creative Writing Tools

This tip is pure gold. I can recall the exact ‘me’ sitting and struggling to write. People say that you only need a pen and paper but it isn’t like that.

Technology is getting updated with every bit of a second and we (writers) need to move our legs along the modern methods of writing.

For some people, traditional writing method works. And there shouldn’t be any hesitation. But… think for a second, there are millions of writers like you. And they all are using their tools pretty well. Where will you stand in front of them?

I, too, use many tools and I can guide you through them. Choice is yours!

  • I use Scrievener for writing my kindle books. It gives me a smart interface to organize my ideas and get the work done. Its distraction free writing window helps me to stay focused. I would definitely recommend it to my fellow writers.

Scrivener For Creative Writing

  • I also use Grammarly for editing. Although I prefer a human being for editing but that’s not possible all the time and it’s also harmful for the pocket of a writer. So, this app works great!
  • For all my goals and plans, I use Trello. It helps me to stay on the track and its auto sync feature gives me an on-the-go support.
  • Sometimes… I use Dragon Naturally Speaking. This is the best Voice To Text software and it helps me to write 4000 words per hour. Even Dan Brown uses this… Shocked?

If You Are A Serious Writer Then…

You are passionate about creative writing? Great! I’ve two suggestions for you… actually three suggestions.

The first suggestion is… Read like an editor. Don’t just read and appreciate, try to edit or make the content better. Give yourself some time and rewrite awesome content in your own words. Play with the words.

The second suggestion is… Start Publishing. You should never let your content eat dust in the folders that you opens rarely. When you publish, it gets criticism. And that’s what you should be looking for. You cannot grow until you cannot show.

Become Famous With Creative Writing

Publish your content on big portals like Wattpad or Medium. Get yourself some readers!

The third suggestions is… Don’t depend on your creativity. Few months ago, I got Big Magic and it changed my life. I’m a blogger now; credit goes to this book. Highly recommended!

Final Words On Creative Writing

Creative Writing Skill grows with time and practice. The more you perform, the easier it will be. There is no secret to mind blowing writing other than practicing and improving.

You write what you already know. So, focus on reading great content.

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