10 Blogging Platforms Every Blogger Should Know!

Best Blogging Platforms


It is a fact that blogging platforms play a major role on Internet. If we talk about the basics then the future of your blog completely depends on the type platform services you choose.


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Some blogging platforms will provide you high quality features like animated elements on your website while others will provide you a platform to display ads and earn income from it. A wrong selection can damage your blogging journey and every blogger must know these 10 blogging platforms which can give you right tools at right time.

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Best Blogging Platforms And Why Not To Use Them

What Are Blogging Platforms?

Blogging Platforms are the services which gives your blogging website a space to live on Internet. These platforms host your blogging files which can be access by readers worldwide. They all have a common free plan with limited features and you can unlock their features with paid subscriptions.

Why Blogging Platforms Are Crucial?

Choosing right blogging platform is necessary as you cannot afford migrating from one platform to another on monthly or yearly basis. Shifting from one platform to another reduces the SEO score of your website and it can also corrupt your website’s database. In my last blog (Wanna Become A Blogger? Read This Before You Try!), I’ve told you that why I switched from two major blogging services. Thus, it becomes very important to choose the best among blogging platforms in order to build what you always dreamed of.

10 Best Blogging Platforms On Internet!

Here are the top 10 blogging platforms according to their ranks. These ranks are based on my personal opinion and it can differ from person to person. All the blogging platforms that I’ve mentioned here are absolutely free to start and you buy additional plans as per your needs.

10. Ghost

It is the platform where you pay as per the amount of traffic you get. There’s an an option for a free 14-day trial on this platform where you are loaded with many features like preview window and your own web space to work on. You need to have a technical mind for using this platform for blogging.

09. Weebly

Weebly is a drag and drop based blogging platform and it helps you to create quick web pages easily. It also allows you to blog with predefined layouts, free themes and expected sharing features to spread your content to readers.

08. LiveJournal

It was started in 1999 and it combines the blogging and social networking into one place. More than a blogging platform, it is a community of bloggers which encourages you to write for your fellow writers. You can also start discussions with engaging commenting feature.

07. JeKyll

It is a bit technical but if you know how to use JeKyll then you can make your own free hosting on it. This platform takes your raw text files and turns them into robust static site. It supports GitHub Pages and it can help you build your own portal on internet.

06. Edublogs

This is a student-teacher oriented platform to set up your educational blogs online. This is one of the best free blogging platforms for schools, colleges, universities and is proudly powered by WordPress. It also gives you platform to join the community of fellow bloggers in the same niche.

05. Wix

This platforms gives you power of HTML 5 with Drag & Drop capabilities. You get 450+ awesome templates along with features and trust-worthy hosting service. With free plan, you will get 500MB storage and 1GB bandwidth which can be unlocked by paid plans. With it’s premium plans, you can get your own domain, online store and amazing features like inbuilt Google Analytics.

04. Tumblr

Tumblr is a mixture of WordPress and Twitter as it gives a platform to write blog but has a trend of popular small posts. With an ease provided by the mobile app, it gives you power to publish from your Smartphone. It makes it easy to customize your theme and make it your own.

03. Hubpages

It has an Art & Design section which will become a home for creative bloggers and it connects many bloggers into a community of particular niche. It connects  you to major audience on Internet and gives opportunities to earn revenue from ads and affiliate marketing.

02. WordPress

It is the most popular blogging community that comes with a free plan to start a blog with a sub-domain and some limited features. It has highest number of community based readers which gives you exposure easily but it also lacks in providing good features in free plan. If you want to show ads then you must need to get a paid subscription. If you are new to blogging then this is a good platform for you.

01. Blogger

This is the best platform for starting a free blog. It is powered by Google itself and it provides you power of earning online income. It is used by many famous bloggers and if you are at the beginning of your blogging career then I’ll recommend you to choose Blogger as your blogging platform.

Which One Is My Favorite?

The answer is…None of the above. And I can prove that why free blogging platforms are not good for serious bloggers. There are many reasons for choosing a self-hosted service for blogging but I’ll tell you 3 main reasons why you shouldn’t go with free hosting services –

  • Free Hosting Limit Your Resources

They are here for their business and they sell you the features which you can use for FREE in self-hosted service. They don’t allow you to show ads and some of them don’t even allow to use your affiliate links. In free hosting, you will have to give them credits. Why would you give credits of your hard-work to someone?

  • It’s Their Property Now

Whatever you publish on free blogging platform, it automatically becomes their property (because it is saved on their database). Suppose, you have created a blog in one year and all of a sudden they ban you from their site. Your efforts of one year are gone and I know that you don’t want to feel that pain.

  • You Become Their Employee

They are doing business. Why would someone will give you free service to use? The answer is… they are making money with your blog. The blog that you creates there gives them content to raise domain score, backlinks, advertisement contracts, marketing contracts, etc. Blogging should be a business where you should be the Boss.

This is why I started from WordPress to Blogger and now I’m committed to self hosted service for my blog. If you are new then I would recommend HostGator as it has very good plans for first year and it only charges as low as $3/month. I’ve had experience with many hosting providers and I’ll suggest you this because HostGator Team gives best 24 by 7 customer support. You can click on the image below and it will take you to their site –

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2 thoughts on “10 Blogging Platforms Every Blogger Should Know!”

  1. First Day of My Life

    Do you think that it is also more difficult to monetize on the other sites? Would love to hear your thoughts on that. 🙂 I currently use blogger but have been wanting to change to a self-hosted platform…but wondering if it’s worth the huge transition. <3Cami

    1. Hi Dear,

      My answer will be… “It’s Not Difficult But it’s not beneficial.”

      1. WordPress(.com) will demand for paid subscription.
      2. Blogger gives free feature but if you are willing to grow as a blogger then having a self-hosted is better. Just like you, I tried on wordpress and blogger (You can read my story in previous post) and it was a risky move to finally go for self-hosted plan. But I assure you that this will be a great life changing moment for you. To be honest, you will feel ruckus but with time, it will give you long time results.
      One mistake can ban your Blogger blog and all your efforts will be gone. And if you are worried about investing into self hosting then with HostGator it’s really easy and many professional bloggers recommend this. You can try for buying hosting for 3 months as this will not cost you much. You can experiment and if it feels great then buy rest of 9 month hosting (If you are thinking of getting hosting from HostGator, you can click on the banner in sidebar [It will give me commission at no extra costing to you 🙂 ] and it will take you to their site. Happy Blogging! And yeah…feel free to ask all your queries…!

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