Best Web Hosting For Small Business (Best Advice!)

Best web hosting for small business or new blog at cheap prices: BlueHost


It’s Monday afternoon and I got a call from a friend. He said that he wanted to start a blog for his small business. And he asked about Best Web Hosting For Small Business for his upcoming blogging website. At first, I was going to suggest him my favorite hosting but then I realized that small business or startup blogs don’t need much requirements. And finally, I gave him an answer (His blog will be live soon).

I did some research, and I can proudly say that you cannot find better web hosting elsewhere than BlueHost. BlueHost Web Hosting gives you the benefits of a world class hosting at affordable prices. It’s recommended by Official WordPress, plus you get FREE Domain Name + SSL Certificate at the price of $3.95/month. It costs you $80 for 1 year plan! 

BlueHost: The Best Web Hosting For Small Business & Blogs

BlueHost Web Hosting Service For Just $3.95/month

In this post, I will prove how BlueHost Web Hosting Service is best among all. Not only the best but BlueHost gives you the most affordable web service for you brand new blogging website.

First, check out the reasons why BlueHost Web Hosting is the best. And then I’ll tell you how opting for BlueHost will benefit your blogging career. Let’s get started…

đź’Ž Recommended By Official

Best Web Hosting For Small Business By WordPress

BlueHost Web Hosting is recommended by official WordPress(.org), boosting its credibility. WordPress is a CMS (virtual software) which will help you to maintain and update your blogging website. The software trusts BlueHost and you can too!

đź’Ž Best Up Time Service

Faster Hosting with BlueHost Web Hosting

No one likes a never loading website. Fortunately, BlueHost Web Hosting provides best web hosting for small business and blog by giving quality Up Time Service. It also boosts your overall SEO Score, helps you getting more Organic Traffic!

đź’Ž Affordable Web Hosting Service

Cheap Prices of BlueHost Web Hosting: the best web hosting for small business and blog

BlueHost Web Hosting cares your pocket and with them, you get a high quality web hosting for your new blog at a price of $7.99/month with my link you can get it for only $3.95/month. You are saving 40% already!

If you purchase a minimum of 1 year plan than it costs you around $80. What else you need? Actually, you save more than 40%. Here’s how…

đź’Ž $15 Domain Name absolutely FREE

Get a free domain name with BlueHost Web Hosting Service

Yes! You will get a FREE domain name with BlueHost Web Hosting’s 1 year plan. Usually it will cost you $15. But with my link, you get this $15 Domain at $0. Just check out if your domain is available with this BlueHost Domain Availability Checker:

đź’Ž FREE SSL Certificate (https)

Free SSL Certificate with BlueHost's best web hosting for small business or a new blog

As per the new policies of Google, the URLs with https protocol will get better ranking in search results (Google SERP Rankings). A SSL costs you around $30/year. But with my link, you get a FREE SSL Certificate with BlueHost Web Hosting. Get your new website a SSL Certificate and rank better to get more organic traffic!

đź’Ž One-Click WordPress Installation

With BlueHost web hosting, you not only get best web hosting for small business or blog but you also get a feature of One-Click WordPress installation. You do not need to be some kind of coding king. Just get your web hosting and BlueHost will take care of all the technicalities.

Let’s Have a Market Comparison For Web Hosting

For your ease, I’ve compared 4 Top Notch Web Hosting Providers and they are:

And here are the results which will shock you. They prove why you can never find better web hosting for your small business or brand new blog than BlueHost.

🎲 Results Of Comparison!

Here’s the summary report of comparison. I’ve compared the hosting plans for 1 year and results are:


Comparison between BlueHost and SiteGround for best Web Hosting for Small Business
  • Only 10GB Space. With BlueHost, you get 30GB Space!
  • $14 Domain Price. With BlueHost, you get it free!
  • No SSL. Get your FREE SSL with BlueHost!


Comparison between BlueHost and GoDaddy for best Web Hosting for Small Business
  • $4.99/Month. You get it at $3.95/Month with BlueHost!
  • $11 Domain Price. Get your Free Domain with BlueHost!
  • $30 SSL Certificate, Why?! Get it Free with BlueHost!


Comparison between BlueHost and HostGatorfor best Web Hosting for Small Business
  • $4.99/Month. No way! Get your hosting at $3.95/Month.
  • $15 Domain Price, Crap! Get it Free with BlueHost!
  • Only 10GB space. Get 30GB space with BlueHost Web Hosting!

Winner? BlueHost…

BlueHost is the best web hosting provider with affordable price and free domain and free ssl certificate.

And its time to give your brand new website a place to live. Buy BlueHost’s web hosting and get FREE domain name + FREE SSL Certificate for only $3.95/month. what are you waiting for?

Buy BlueHost Web Hosting Now!

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