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It’s not new that people want to become a blogger because they want to make money out of it! You may have seen many successful blogs like MakingSenseOfCents, Neil Patel, TwinsMommy, etc. and you may want to make six figure incomes as a Professional Blogger. But let me show you the reality of blogging and how one can become a blogger and can make actual income out of it!

Wanna Become A Blogger? Read This Before You try!

What Is Blogging?

There was a time when people used to write and maintain their diaries. They kept maintaining daily journals and trapped their memories in the words. That was a great time, right? This is 21st century and we have something called ‘Internet’. People started writing and maintaining their experiences on a website portal. That’s what we call ‘Blogging’. Thus, writing your stuff and maintaining an online journal is known as Blogging.

Then How Blogging Became A Profession?

If you want to know about something, what will you do? You will probably type your query on Google and will go through the links on first few pages. You will learn about something and at the same time, you will see some ads. That’s how one is making money from a blog. Apart from those ads, there are many ways to make money while blogging which you can I will cover in my further posts. So, the person is getting commission whenever someone clicks on those ads. And that’s how revenue is generated online.

I Want to Become A Blogger But What Should I Do?

Then you should start blogging! Making money from blogging is easy if you know the right pathway to walk on. If you are new to blogging then I would recommend you to study about the basics and market first. You have to learn about the basics of blogging, platforms for blogging, niche and so on…

You can start learning today. There are many websites (Like This) which are specifically dedicated to make you learn blogging and the ways to earn income online. If blogging is passion for you and you want your own reading community then you must give blogging a try. Starting a blog is really easy and it’s completely free to start a blog. You can start a free blog today to get inside knowledge of blogging industry.

But if you are really serious about blogging then I will recommend you to invest a little into your blog. Why I’m recommending for investing? Read below to know!

How I Can Start Blogging Today?

Starting a blog is really easy! But before that, you should know about the process of starting a blog. And you know what’s the best part? That I will explain you everything with context of my own story. I will tell you how I started this blog and what problems I faced while giving this blog a life. But first, let’s just clarify…

Is It Too Late To Start Blogging?

No…it is never too late to start blogging. According to report of MediaKix, there are 440 million blogs on internet and 65% of them are completely dead. It means that rest of 35% have covered 100% of Internet. Why it’s not too late to become a blogger?

  • Audience are growing at a rapid speed. People are using Internet for study, research and getting knowledge. If you will write great content then you can build great audience from day one.
  • There’s no particular limit to number of niches. You can combine two niches to make one and make your blog unique.

Money Done Right is a blog started on February 4th, 2017 and after one year (in 2018), they are making $30,000/month. Pretty Awesome, Right?

So, don’t hesitate and dive into the ocean of blogging community!

How I Started Blogging?

I came to know about blogging back in 2013 when I was searching for a way to sell your self-published book. I was eager to become an author but that’s another story. So, I was searching the ways to find readers for your books and I landed on a post where they said that if you are a writer then you must have your own blog. So, I started looking for what a blog actually is and I found that blogging was there in front of my eyes since I started using Internet. Trust me, before this, I thought these blogging websites are handled by big IT companies…how stupid I was!

So, I started looking for ways to make your own blog and found that there are 2 free ways to start a blog and these were ‘Blogger’ and ‘WordPress’. I took no another second and made a blog on WordPress (.com) and gave a whole week to design it. After one week, I came to know that free plan of WordPress will not allow me to show ads which means I’ve to buy one of  their paid plan. Till then, I didn’t know about other ways of making money from a blog.

Then I went on a site (Someone’s Blog) and found that ‘Blogger’ gives you a feature to show ads and generate revenue. And again, I took no time to make a blog on Blogger. I invested another week for the design and found that if I want to make ‘a lot of money’ then I need to have ‘a lot of traffic’ on my blog. From there, I started learning about the ways to get high traffic on your site and it took me to new friend named ‘SEO’. I studied and found that how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is for your website.

I learnt about the tips to have better SEO and found that Google promotes website with premium quality domain names (.com/.in/.us/.uk). Blogger was giving me a sub-domain (mysite.blogspot.com) and I thought that if I want to go higher then I need to start higher. And this was the turning point of my blogging career. Somewhere inside me, a passion for blogging was getting fire and it was the time when I had the idea to start a blog where helping others became my priority. Because that’s what ‘Blogging’ is and that’s how I can become a Blogger.

I started learning about blogging in a much deeper way. I started reading other blogs who were giving tips about starting a successful blog. I started realizing the power of a blogging website and it was making my idea stronger. I learned about SEO and the legit ways to get organic traffic from Google. Sometimes, I felt like blogging is not for me but I pushed myself further to gain as much knowledge as I can. And that’s what taught me the actual process of planning and starting a blog. I realized how important it is to ‘Plan a Blog’ and how easily a blog can be planned. Last month, I started planning this blog and here I’m today! Ah…you wanna know about the investing part? Keep reading as I’ve mentioned that how I’ve planned and started my blog.

How To Plan A Successful Blog?

Planning a successful blog is really easy. Planning a blog is very important as it can bring the real value of your site. You can run your blog in a much constructed way and you can make a lot of income from it. The very first step of planning a blog is –

Finding A ‘niche’

A Niche is a specialized category on which you can make your blogging site. If you want to get traffic on your blog then you must focus on a Niche. You can expand the niche of your site once you get popular among readers but for now, you must focus on one niche. Profitable niche to work on are –

  • Making & Managing Money
  • Health & Fitness
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Beauty
  • Life Style

Finding A Name

The name of your blog should be catchy + awesome + relevant + unique. Your name is the first thing which a reader will see in your URL. Play with ideas and come up with an awesome name for your blog.
Domain names for just 88 cents!
Don’t go for words which are not familiar by majority of readers. Try to focus on niche oriented names which will help you to rank your website easily.

Make Intellectual Properties

This will include making Logo and Info-graphics. The logo of your site should be unique enough to catch the eyes. You can hire a graphic designer or you can use many logo-making websites to have a logo. But I will recommend you to use a customize logo to stand out on Internet.

Study Your Market

Your blog will succeed just because you have chosen a profitable niche…Wrong! You should know the content of your chosen niche. You should know what people are looking for and what other bloggers are writing every day. You should know which keywords to target and you should know about your target audience. If you are going to start a cooking blog then you cannot target people from corporate sector. And if you will write for a financial blog then you cannot target children under 12. So, you should study your market while planning out content of your upcoming blog.

Choose Your Color Scheme

You are going to start a blog or Rainbow factory? You must decide in the beginning about the color scheme of your blog. Your color scheme will help in making your brand successful. If we talk about great blogs, they all have a particular color scheme. You can take my example, I’ve Black, White, and Sky Blue as my primary color scheme. Thus, deciding the color scheme before starting a blog is really beneficial.

Know Your Role

If you want to make blogging a business then you must understand that business exists for serving society. You must know what kind of benefit you can provide to your readers. Are you going to teach them something? Can you entertain them with your witty writing style? Are you going to give them reviews about products? Are you going to tell them stories? And if you are doing so then how well are you performing your role?

If you will make ‘earning income’ your primary motto then I’m really sorry because earning from a blog is a long process. You will get a lot of money but it will take time to grow. Think about the quality and capabilities of your blog first.

Make Notes ‘Coz You Are Human

You cannot memorize every little thing. So, maintain a Note Pad or Scrap File or whatever you are comfortable with. I use JotterPad (It’s not for IOS I guess!) for my smartphone and Word + Excel for my desktop. You can organize things your own way. The main motto is to track them down when required. I also use Trello to sync my notes; it’s a wonderful app to use as you can create different boards for different ideas.

Domain And Hosting

If you are serious about blogging then you cannot let your blog survive on a sub-domain. Your blog deserves its own name (yourblog.com) and it is really easy to register one. Most of the Web Hosting Service Providers give free domain with their hosting plans. I use GoDaddy for hosting and it gives me free domain…hurray!

I’m recommending for investment in hosting because this will remain your property. If you go for free hosting like Blogger then your content will be their property. So, you must have rights on your hardwork.

Next thing is Hosting. Buying a hosting gives you benefits like your content will be your property, Google promotes self-hosting websites, you can make your own policies, etc. Major hosting providers are –

  • SiteGround
  • A2 Hosting
  • HostGator
  • BlueHost
  • GoDaddy

Installing WordPress & Theme

Now it’s time to install WordPress (.org) and install a custom theme for your blog. You can find the process of installing WordPress from your cPanel. Once you install your WordPress, the very first thing is to install a theme. WordPress provides many free and premium themes to be installed. If you ask me then I will recommend you to go with Astra as this theme has a lot of feature and this theme gives you the ability to remove footer credits which makes your site look cheap.

Customize Theme And Create Pages

After installing the theme, customize it according to your color scheme, add your logo and edit side bar and footer with desired widgets. It is so easy to do and you will enjoy this part. Then create the following pages before publishing your first post –

  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy Page

And Now It’s Time For…

You are ready to go! Write awesome blog posts and publish them for your readers. Use images where needed and write SEO friendly content to get organic traffic from search engines.

I wish you all the luck for starting your blog and feel free to ask if you have any doubts. You can subscribe for email updates so that you can never miss anything. Feel free to follow Boss Makes Money on Facebook and Pinterest. I will cover all topics on blogging with in-depth details and if you want to learn blogging and other ways of making money online then keep reading Boss Makes Money.


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  1. Deborah Kos

    This is a very good post for those who are thinking about blogging and for beginners. Thanks for sharing on what a blogger needs.

  2. Hitesh Chauhan

    So which one of the two (blogger and wordpress) should we use? In advance level. I mean Currently I am using blogger. But what will u suggest?

    1. As I’ve mentioned, if you are serious about blogging then purcahsing a hosting plan would be best fit for anyone!

      WordPress(.com) stands no where. Blogger is still acceptable. Self-Hosted is best!

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