Affiliate Programs For Bloggers: 10X Affiliate Income!

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers


Do you know that some of the Affiliate Programs for Bloggers can make you earn crazy monthly income?

And that too on Autopilot?

By crazy, I mean $65,000/month

Affiliate Marketing is trending among Bloggers and Social Media Influencers. The Global Market is shifting towards Digital Media, resulting in opportunities to earn millions and millions of dollars online.

In this post, I’ll discuss some highest paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and how you can earn 10 times on Internet as a brand new Blogger!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How Affiliate Marketing can make you rich?

Affiliate Marketing works on referral concept. After using a product, you recommend it to friends and family. But for this recommendation you get commission by the manufacturer.

Got it?

In simple terms, you get a commission when someone purchases from your affiliate link.

Thing to note: I used the word PURCHASE which means you will not get any income until the purchase is locked.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing From Scratch?

Pursuing Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn money while you sleep and once it’s done, it will work automatically.

Many Affiliate Marketing Companies and Affiliate Programs require a Blog/Website for the distribution of affiliate links.

The good news is, you can start a blog at just $3.95/month with FREE DOMAIN NAME + FREE SSL CERTIFICATE (https) with BlueHost. Easy Peasy!

Got your brand new blog? Let’s roll some money with affiliate links in posts

Join Affiliate Networks

Join Affiliate Networks

I think, this is one of the best part about Affiliate Networks that you get many Affiliate Programs under one roof.

These Affiliate Networks are free to join and you can easily make $1000 per month with a good conversion rate.

  • COMMISSION JUNCTIONThis network is top notch choice of Bloggers. It’s most easiest network to make online money from some intriguing Free Signup tasks to getting $120 per Sale.
  • IMPACT RADIUSOne thing I love about this network is the simplicity and power it delivers to the Affiliate Partners and Bloggers.
  • MAXBOUNTYAre you looking for best CPA network out there? This is the ultimate solution for you! MaxBounty has a lot of (seriously, a lot) high paying CPA programs which can generate you revenue per action tracked via your affiliate links.
  • SHARE A SALEYou cannot resist yourself into becoming affiliate member of Share-a-sale. This network has popular affiliate merchants like WP Engine, Tailwind, etc. So, get your cursor over there and start making money right now!
  • AMAZON ASSOCIATESAs the name says, you get commission on the sales on Amazon Products via your affiliate links. Amazon has a lot of products in almost every category and you can earn up to 12% commission on the sales.

Use ‘Smart’ Affiliate Links!

Using Smart Affiliate Links can Increase Income Rate

Ever wonder why you don’t get earnings from your affiliate marketing on blog? Well, you need to know this…

Bloggers who use ‘Smart’ Affiliate Links tend to earn 200% better than the Bloggers using normal (or say) Traditional Affiliate Links.

And this is why…

You need to use the professional level affiliate strategy to earn commission upon your sale.


A ‘Smart’ Affiliate link is Hidden Affiliate Link which is difficult to recognize as an affiliate link. In other words, a reader will not be able to find that you are marketing a product for revenue. It seems like a genuine hyper-text.

Now the question is…

How to make a Smart Affiliate Link?

It’s easy! Way more easy than you think. We will study it into 3 parts: Hidden, Genuine and Strategic.


In order to hide affiliate links in a Blog Post, you’ve to minimize its presence. This is simple and can be achieved by following steps:

  • Minimize your affiliate disclosure and try to adjust it before the Featured Image of post or Social Media Icons (see mine).
  • Don’t mention ‘this is an affiliate link…’ or ‘I’ll get commission…’ apart from your affiliate disclosure.
  • Your affiliate disclosure should be less than 15 words.


This is where your conversion rate differs. You write a post, praising the product with affiliate link, hoping for money rolling in and…

Reader is way smarter than you! A reader can easily tell either the post is genuine or the Blogger is just trying to promote the Affiliate Products.


Ever landed on Pinterest Tips and Tricks post and found this amazing tool rolling all over the post?

That’s how things went wrong. People are looking for Pinterest Strategies without Tailwind and you are stabbing them with your affiliate product at the beginning.

If this is you then don’t expect your readers to stay and read. They will not continue once they get the motto of the post.

What will you do then?

Write genuine blog posts with the information which can contribute to your readers life. The sole purpose of Blogging is to inform people with your skills rather than expecting full time income.

And even if Blogging is your Full Time Career/Business then remind yourself that Businesses are there to serve people.

If you aren’t serving readers with information then don’t expect them to give sales.

In short, write genuine informational blog posts and link your affiliate products like as an Add-on to the information. Don’t make it necessity for readers!


As I’ve mentioned above, readers are way smarter than you can imagine.

And the only option left for Bloggers is to place affiliate links with a fool-proof strategy in a post. This helps in getting more clicks. More clicks, more chances of income. Simple!

I personally use two methods to place affiliate links inside my post:

  • END ADD-ONS – These links are generally placed at the end of blog post. The concept is simple: Reader reads through informational content which leads to an increase in credibility. And at the end, he finds an affiliate product. See my example here!
  • CLICKBAIT LINKING – This is my favorite method of placing affiliate links. In this method, you create a suspense about the product. Instead of writing NameCheap, you can say “While you can get domain names as low as $0.79/Year, Blogging is…”

Got the idea?

Start using ‘Smart Affiliate Links’ and unlock your affiliate income to its full potential. It all depends on how you manipulate your reader’s intentions.

And once you get the grip…

Commissions are yours! Making money is an art and you can succeed easily because you’ve got the same internet, same access, same opportunities of marketing and same conditions. All you need is your DESIRE to earn from Internet.

3 Tips For 10 Times Affiliate Income!

You’ve successfully got into placing smart affiliate linking and it’s time grow your affiliate marketing game.

Here, I’ve picked 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Tips for you. Not only they are useful, you can also use them and mix them in a combination to build your commission earning funnel.

Use Evergreen Commissions!

Evergreen Commissions are recurring commissions which are there for life time. It gives you fix and steady monthly payout with affiliate marketing.

There are many Affiliate Merchants like ConvertKit, SemRush, Snappa, etc.

These merchants have monthly subscription plans for consumers. With every passing month, you will get 10-30% monthly commission from one client that you’ll send.

SemRush gives 30-35% monthly commission ($40). Which means, with only 1 referred sale, you will earn a steady $40 every month. The more the sales, the more the minimum steady payout will be!

And here comes my favorite tip…

Generate Aim Targeted Content!

You’ve probably visited my post about Blogging BlackTraps (If not I highly recommend you) where I mentioned about writing Aim Targeted Content.

For the people who don’t know, Aim Targeted Content is the content which helps and contributes towards your prime aim (goal).

In this case…

Affiliate Sales is your aim. Let’s suppose, you’re blogging about a Weight Loss and you are partner with a Weight Loss Supplement (You can find these offers on MaxBounty).

How will you Target your Aim?

Simple… Write a Review Post about the Supplement with affiliate links. And then write 6-7 Aim Targeted Posts (Contributing Posts) about the topic ‘Weight Loss’. The posts could be:

  • 5 Homemade Weight Loss Remedies!
  • 10 Exercises for Massive Weight Loss at Home!
  • Get Rid of Body Fat with 3 Easy Steps!
  • How to find a Good Weight Loss Supplement?
  • Why Good Fat is Good?
  • How to Lose 10KG in a month without Gym?

And in these posts, give a link about your Supplement Review Post or add direct affiliate links.

Thus, you will have your content targeting your aim (Affiliate Sales of that Weight Loss Supplement).

And the last step is…

Get Active on Social Media!

Get Active on Social Media

I know it seems usual tip but here’s the catch. You’ve to get active on social media in Facebook Relevant Groups.

Remember our Weight Loss Product? Just become a member of every Weight Lose Group and help people.

And with some tricks, send them to your posts.

That’s how you get genuine people landing on your affiliate product for free. Also opt for Reddit Forums!

Wrap Up of Affiliate Programs for Bloggers!


You’ve successfully learned how to get access to affiliate programs, placing smart affiliate links and maximizing the affiliate sales.

It’s time for…


Bonus Tip!

Yes, you’ve read it right! And here’s your bonus tip for affiliate marketing:

Don’t Go Behind Every Affiliate Product. That Would Be Chaos! Choose A Product And Establish Your Affiliate Links There…

With this, the post ends here. I would love if you share this post with your friends and family. You can follow Boss Makes Money on Facebook & Pinterest for such content.

Happy Money Making!

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